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Bret Sutton

You’re not doing anything wrong. Multi-Edit expands templates only when they are preceded by a space or a tab.

The TEMPLATE.S macro file may be modified in lines 184 and 745 (ME2006 version) to include any characters you would like to indicate the start of a template. I think it would be interesting to use Word_Delimits in these locations, rather than a hard-coded list of characters. Note that a possible side-effect of this change would be that you would be generating template expansions where you have no intention to do so. Also, if your template expansion code is complex, you may find that it does something you do not expect with the delimiter.

Before you make this change, I recommend first copying *.s* in the SRC directory into a new directory SRC\ORIG. Then, if you mess up something, you’ll have the original files to fall back to.

For help on recompiling, see David Deley’s tutorial at [url:2h0tkx0d][/url:2h0tkx0d].
To make the change permanent, you must rebuild the macro library. To do this: exit Multi-Edit, then go to START -> ALL PROGRAMS -> MULTI-EDIT -> REBUILD MACRO LIBRARY