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Well, you have to admit, once you start opening up the various doo-dads in the program, you can make things look pretty busy, even on a large monitor. I’d say the fact that you missed the control that was there sort of makes my case.

I suppose “needlessly” was a poor choice of words; I had a statistical argument in mind. Just guessing, but I’d say the percentage of people working with mixed files across platforms who have to make this kind of change very often are a minority. (Please, nobody jump in with “everybody I know does it that way!” Anecdotal evidence is just the logical fallacy of “Generalizing from Particulars.” And that wasn’t intended as an insult, just wanted to head off a possible flame war with no meaning. We be cool. 8) ).

There’s a limit to how much information you can usefully put in front of the user (as the Air Force discovered to its dismay in Viet Nam), and I think most users prefer as clean an interface as is possible while remaining useful. Anyway, I hope that rather lengthy screed clarifies my original intent.