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There are three key points here: first, you absolutely have to have Multi-Edit 9.10.04, as that’s the first version in which the feature was fully functional; second, as in Andy’s expression, you must start the expression with (?m), which is the Perl expression to toggle multi-line searching, which is off by default; and third, you have to have your regex options set to use Perl expressions, not UNIX or Classic ones.

Don’t know about you, but I’ve found the new regex capability the most useful single thing that’s been added to Multi-Edit since I first used it, back in 1996. Speaking just for myself, mind you, I think that feature by itself justifies upgrading (even if I weren’t the sort of wonk who keeps all his software current ;) ).

I’ve mentioned this a number of times elsewhere, but once more into the breach, dear friends…grab a copy of the O’Reilly Press book Mastering Regular Expressions and actually read it. Not light going, but you’ll understand regexes inside out afterwards. A useful and free tool is <a href="]Regex Coach[/url:gkuadqa8], which you can Google for; there are other similar programs I like better, like [url=]RegexBuddy[/url:gkuadqa8], but they’re either shareware or commercial. They let you see what each part of your expression is doing, in real-time if you want, and you can tinker away and see the results as you tinker. Very useful. I just like [url=]RegexBuddy[/url:gkuadqa8″>’s debugger and display style better.

Do that, and I’ll stop mangling the St. Crispin’s Day speech…. :wink: