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Bret Sutton

Well, yes, that will set it. That’s also what that line is set to in my v9.10 MECONFIG.DB. But I didn’t explicitly set it there. I can’t believe this is really default behavior. If I want to run with a different menu set, I shouldn’t have to select it each time I start Multi-Edit.

My v9.10 is crapped out at home, so I’ll have to experiment with v9.10 behavior at work in the morning. And maybe v8 as well.

The MENUS macro file did not change, except for some trivial stuff (and they missed some of it!). There were quite a few changes from v8 to v9.10, but I can find none that would be responsible for this curious behavior.

This may have been broken (my opinion, anyway) for a long time. My default menu has been MAINBJS for years, and it could be that the &Defaultmenu global has simply been carried forward from one installation to the next. (When I installed v10, I asked it not to carry forward, which is why I’m seeing this behavior now.)