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OK here’s a simple fix you can do. The problem is that Multi-Edit is using a UNIX regular expression of
to match a name. Translated that’s any lower case a-z, any uppercase A-Z, and any underbar _, but we’re missing any digits 0-9, so we change this to
and now we’re including names with digits in them.

That’s the background theory. Here’s how to fix it. We fix it by creating an alias named <TagAda>. In Multi-Edit open the Search dialog (SEARCH -> FIND), then click the ‘Alias’ button to get the Regular Expression Alias window. Click ‘Insert’, and fill in the fields, see the images attached at the end of this message. (Note: the image is for ME2006 which uses \x01 instead of \xFF for virtual space.)

Description: TagAda
Alias: <TagAda>
Unix: ^[ \t\xFF]*(generic)*(((package)|(task)( body)*)|((sub)*type)[ \t\xFF]+([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)[ \t\xFF]+is)|((procedure)|(function)|(entry)[ \t\xFF]+([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)[ \t\xFF]*(\(|;|(is)|(return))@)

That’s a real mess, so I’ve attached file "ada regex.txt" with the info. You can cut and paste from there. That’s it. Rescan for tags and it should pick up names with numbers in them.
ada regex.txt