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You can change the display settings for a particular file type. Go to TOOLS->CUSTOMIZE…->Filename Extensions(button), select your file type, such as “TXT LIS LOG LET”, and click the “Edit” button. That will bring up the “Edit Filename Extension Setup” window, where you can check the box “Line Numbers” (under ‘Options’). You can also play with tab settings (under ‘Tab Settings Mode’). And some other things. Click the “Help” button in the lower right corner for more info. (I’m not sure about the Ruler line, I don’t see an option for it here.)

(It may also be possible to save more specific settings by using Multi-Edit projects. I’m not familiar with Multi-Edit projects. You could look in the Multi-Edit help index under “Project Management”)

[This info is for Multi-Edit 9. I think it’s the same for Multi-Edit 8.]