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As David notes, it may take some time to search your environment for a previous installation, especially if you have a slow network connection. Is there any disk or network activity going on while that dialog is displayed? Try bringing up Task Manager (I assume you’re using Windows NT/2K/XP) and checking the process list for any task using an excessive amount of CPU time (the Multi-Edit process will be called Mew32). That particular dialog displays, in my recollection, before the installer asks if you want to copy a previous configuration.

As for copying a previous installation, there’s a bit more to it than simply copying the two files mentioned. First, if you’re using one of the other supported key maps, the key map file will be called something other than WCmdMap.db, say, Brief.db, but it will be in the same location. Second, there are other files you may have created or modified, such as template files, sessions, etc. If you’re trying to install v9.10, you should let the installer copy your previous settings, as it will do a rather thorough job of it. The only things it won’t copy are session and project files, for the simple reason that many users wouldn’t want it to. It will, however, import other changes you may have made to your configuration.

One caveat with v9.10: you should run a full install, and not just a file copy, and you should not install over an existing copy. If you want to keep the directory name the same, move the existing copy to a different directory before installing, then point the installer at that directory when it asks where to copy your configuration from. Let it do a full update whenever it asks such a question.

If none of this applies to your situation, then the likelihood is high that your previous installation is corrupted. In that instance, move the install directory as I previously mentioned, then back up your registry (!) and locate and delete the HKCU\Software\American Cybernetics, HKCU\Software\Multi Edit Software, and HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\MEW32.EXE keys. Then cold-boot your machine (leaving the power off for at least thirty seconds), and try the installation again from scratch. It would probably be a good idea not to copy the previous installation, at least by way of experiment. Should you arrive at a working installation, you can always uninstall it, then reinstall it, letting the installer copy your old installation this time around. This is merely a precaution in the event that one or more of your existing configuration files is corrupt.