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Jim Couch

I also noticed that my Serial Number disappeared from the ‘About box’ some time age. I only recently found time to investigate this, so sorry about delay before this topic dropped completely off the radar.

Firstly the problem is not due to corrupted DB file. While I have read all these posts with great interest (I myself once sorted my WCMDMAP.DB file causing all menus and commands to completely disappear!) there is a simply way of seeing your serial number. It is loaded into global string ‘@ME_SERIAL#’ on startup. So to see it go to ‘system’ tab in Navigation Pane and expand Globals – Strings.

While this will allow you to see your serial number it does not solve the problem of its disappearance from the ‘About Box’. This is on the Help menu so lets start from here to find the offending macro. From the Customise Menus select ‘main’ and right at bottom you will find the item ‘About’. Now drill down till you reach its command line where you will see it calls macro “HelpOp /T=7”. Either use ‘Find File’, or even better if you have all SRC file scanned for tags use Tag View, you will find it in file ‘Help.s’. Here you will find it calls macro ‘Logo(2)’. This you will find in file ‘Logo.s’. You might of also guessed this by looking at directory listing
of SRC files.

Within routine ‘Draw_Logo_Text:’ you will see that it is as expected getting the serial number from our global ‘@ME_SERIAL#’. So why is it not appearing? Must be not enough room in the rectangle &TR been feed to DrawText(). Now I dont think I am giving away any secrets to say my
serial number consists of 9 letters and 7 digits. Experimenting by trying a test string ‘TStr’ I found that with around 8 or 9 characters it will appear in About Box. Presumably those testing this were using a similar length number.

I found by resizing the values of ‘TR’ I could make my serial number fit. This is a proportional font so depending on how many ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ letters you have you may need different values. I ended up changing –

TR.Left = 260;
TR.Top = 40;
TR.Right = 418;
TR.Bottom = + 80;

to these values –

TR.Left = 250;
TR.Top = 20;
TR.Right = 418;
TR.Bottom = + 100;

Notice I also moved the top up so the cactus does not obscure the number.

Like the original post enquiring about this problem I am sill using version 9.0c. So this fix should only be applied to that version. Does the same problem still apply to version 9.1?

Despite the delay hope this helps.

Regard Jim