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I don’t use it, but I found this in my 9.0d help file:

Another useful feature is the URL Manager, which performs a similar function to the Common Code Manager on URLs. You can scan your project for all URLs and, when you edit a URL, you can change it across the whole project without editing each individual file.

To set up the URL List, select URL Manager from the toolbar or Context Menu | HTML Tools | URL manager. Press the Scan button to compile a list of all URLs in all files in the Project.

Modify a URL throughout the Project by pressing the Edit button. This will place a marker in the list to update this URL. When all URLs have been updated, changes can be made in the whole Project or just the current File by selecting the appropriate button in the URL Manager.

To modify a specific URL in a file, right-click on the tag and select HTML Tools | Edit URL. This displays the Edit Anchor dialog, in which you can modify the URL and replace the URL in the current file only or in all Project files.

Hope it helps.