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Eric Pement

I was thinking of mentioning templates, but since I don’t use them myself I did it with a macro. For what you are doing, templates probably would be best, so I’ll leave it to Brent to show you how.[/quote:1bx8uogz]

But I thought I asked a more general question, even though I have a specific need.

I take it from your reply that (a) Multi-Edit CMAC has no capacity to handle multi-line strings; and (b) the text(…) function has no facility for handling newlines. I am also aware that you, Ken, are working on the Multi-Edit CMAC online documentation, and I asked a direct question to you about that, which was not answered:

Could you possibly amend the documentation to address the notion of multi-line strings? Thanks in advance.[/quote:1bx8uogz]
Let me expand my request further. In light of what I discovered by trial-and-error, I also think the documentation on the text(…) function needs to be augmented, to indicate that the standard behavior of “double quoted” and ‘single quoted’ strings in the CMAC language is not supported for this function. Thanks.

And let me say that although I have asked you to amend and augment the Multi-Edit documentation to make it more usable, I still think you’re a great guy to whip that macro file up for me so quickly! :D