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And, just to make the circus complete, there’s one other trick you can use in a macro to get text across multiple lines: embed an unusual text marker in your string, and after using Text() to print it, move the cursor to the front of the line and use Find_Text() to replace the marker with a line break (or use Find_Text_Ex() to avoid having to move the cursor first).

Actually, though, as both Dan and Ken have noted, if you want to print text on multiple lines, you should to it a line at a time. the CR macro will insert a line break. So you’d write something like:[code:2zxa208x]Text("First line of text");
Text("Second line of text");[/code:2zxa208x]
If you look through the system macro source files, particularly files like MESys.s and Text.s, you’ll find lots of examples of this sort of usage.