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The Multi-Edit 9.10 demo doesn’t include the CMac source code, so you wouldn’t be able to recompile any of the native system macros. It does, however, include the header files, which are necessary to compile macros of your own, and, obviously, the CMacWin compiler. It isn’t installed by default in the demo merely to keep the disk footprint down, as trial users aren’t all that likely to learn the macro language. However, as David points out, it is a selectable option during the install.

If the compiler is actually present in the root directory of the installation, check to see exactly what the compiler command-line entry looks like. For example, for the basic “compile the current file” command, Compile CMACWIN Macro, the command line should be:


If all this is present and correct, and the headers (files with the extension .sh) are actually present in the <ME_PATH>\Src directory, then either you have insufficient rights to Multi-Edit’s installation directories, or the installation is corrupt. In the former case, grant yourself the appropriate rights (just as a temporary expedient, try Full Access); in the latter, uninstall Multi-Edit, make sure its directory is deleted, and reinstall it, being careful to install the compiler.