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Dave Laundon

Heh, no problem! You got me worried, while reading the article, that I should start converting some of my macros to old-style regexes, so I was relieved to find the cause.

My source is exactly as downloaded but for the Unix line start change, but you’re right, the “make string” test outer loop is only set to 2 not 200. Mmm, going by how long it took the tests the first time I won’t try the “make string” test for the full 200. Let’s just say it’s slow!

Another discrepancy with my results from yours was the difference between “string lookup” and “array lookup”, where “string lookup” turned out to be faster for me. I’ve just tried this test again with similar results too.

Yes, I’ve wondered about the speed difference between plain searches and regex searches. I’ve always tried to use plain searches whenever possible, but maybe a regex search with a line start can more than make up the difference, where appropriate.