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You’ve really piqued my interest, and gotten me thinking about a direction for projects and sessions that hadn’t occurred to me (or anyone else, likely–I hope, I hope ;) ). I won’t ask you to post any more detail about your work in a public forum, but if you can, could you send me an e-mail describing how your project lays out in terms of files, modules, makes, translation units, modules, server and directory layout, and second, how you’ve configured Multi-Edit to deal with it all? From what I can gather, it sounds like you’ve just about pushed the program to the ragged limits of its capability, and I’d like to investigate some possibilities for improving it to handle things of that magnitude and complexity, while still keeping the mechanism and interface simple for small projects.

Obviously, remove anything requiring an NDA; I’m only interested in the complexity of the project and how it falls, and how you’re using our tools to handle that complexity. Equally obviously, after your primary work schedule, fit this in after any 02 dev work you’re doing. If the stuff I’m thinking of pans out, it would be for v10, I’d think, since I don’t think the current project/session code would support it without major surgery.

If between us we can agree on a first-cut approximation of what I’m talking about, I’ll post to the wish list for discussion. Let me know. I hate to move something out of the public forum, but I’d rather hash my ideas out privately, and if they come to anything, put a more polished version back into the public forums. Why waste people’s time and maybe hand something to the competition they haven’t thought of before we can think it through, hey? :)