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Ken Walker

I do have an idea I’d like you to try. Do you have Adaware and Spybot Search & Destroy? I think it could be possible that you might have a keyboard logger or other ‘stealth’ program running that is causing the SetWindowsHookEx() function, that monitors all keystrokes, to error out.

Since I don’t know how Slick and VEdit implement keystroke recording, I can’t say anything about this not affecting them. I can say though that many spyware/trojan/backdoor apps are poorly written and might be running, and causing this problem with us. I know it’s a terrible pain for you, but it’s a very, very rare problem that we can not reproduce in a manner that allows us to debug.

Let me know what you use for spyware and after an update, what the results were. Do not trust one single app. I’ve worked in a computer repair shop and would scan a machine with one app and find a hundred components, then scan with another app, and find 50 more. It never matters which one you use to scan first, the other always finds more. I typically scan with Spybot (the real Search & Destroy version) Adaware and often a third one.