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Michal Vodicka


I was under impression it is sequence of events with WinDbg attached and having a breakpoint in MEW code. Well, it is worse.

Is Windows desktop desktop really frozen? Do Alt-TAB and CTRL-ESC work? If the only working thing is Ctrl-Alt-DEL, it’d mean your system is broken some way. The other possibility is MEW locks-up and stops screen redraw which’d have similar symptoms but switching to other apps using Alt-TAB would work.

BTW, have you tried to scan for spyware as Ken suggested? It is one of possibilities.

Yet another test: could you log as another user on your machine and try to reproduce problem? The best way would be to ask a coworker who never logged on your machine because he’d have default configuration. Or just create a new local user. Then start MEW directly from command line or Start | Run. Just start mew32.exe in MEW root directory. There will be no session but it’d be enough for this test.