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Yet another test: could you log as another user on your machine and try to reproduce problem? The best way would be to ask a coworker who never logged on your machine because he’d have default configuration. Or just create a new local user. Then start MEW directly from command line or Start | Run. Just start mew32.exe in MEW root directory. There will be no session but it’d be enough for this test.[/quote:1043fsbk]

I just created a new user account, and ran the clean ME-Lite that I installed yesterday.

It still locked-up when recording the macro, and I used CTRL-ESC to get out of it.

The only marginally-wierd application that I’m running is Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition. However, so are the other machines that I’ve tried to repeat this on, and they all work fine.

Something in Outlook 2002 (and Office XP) could be the problem, since the other machines were only running Outlook Express (and Word 2002).