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The CMAC help file documentation for function ‘Goto_Line’ gives an example of calling macro ‘GoToLine’ which doesn’t work.


As far as I can tell macro GoToLine does not accept any parameters. CMAC gets unhappy and reports “Macro or Macro file “GOTOLINE(5″ NOT found in C:Program Files\Multi-Edit 9\ nor C:Program Files\Multi-Edit 9\MAC\” when the above line is executed.

The function ‘Goto_Line’ apparently has a bug, or the screen updating has a bug, in that a call to Goto_Line moves the editing point but not the cursor. Example:

void test()
Make_Message(‘Current line=’ + str(C_Line));

Bind this to a key, turn on line numbers, press that key, the message says “Current Line=22” but the cursor does not move. Clicking on the “Save File” icon causes the window to be properly updated and places the cursor on line 22, or switching back and forth between windows also fixes things up, or adding a ‘Redraw;’ statement after ‘Goto_Line(22)’ seems to fix things. I suggest either fix the bug or document that a ‘Redraw’ statement is necessary to get the cursor back on top of the editing point.