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I think I’ve isolated one of the basic problems.

It all has to do with the value of this metacommand: <FILE>

This is used in the Put.exe command definition in vcs configuration. It holds the location of the workfile (pathname including filename). When using the Vcs menu, this is getting resolved correctly. When using “Directory of Archives” it is not getting properly resolved.

As a workaround, I noticed that if I know the name of the source file I do a File|Open and just try to open that name which does not appear in the folder, then it will work and extract from the archive. I can get by then without using “Directory of Archives”.

If I didn’t know the sourcefile name then I guess I would have to look at the archive folder to get it. And then again, just manually enter in the name. Not as easy as choosing from a menu, but it should work I think.

Any other ideas would be more than welcome.

Thanks again,