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    I am using ActiveState Perl with Multi-Edit. I would like for Multi-Edit to be able to identify the lines with errors when I press <F9>. The default setting of the regular expression looks like it should work. However, it doesn’t.

    I have tried tweaking the expression way down in the the Error/Regular Expressions in the Compiler/Program Type Setup dialog to no avail. (It takes 8 clicks of the mouse to get to the dialog. That seems to be a long way to go.)

    The error message

    Scalar found where operator expected at C:\WorkSpace\Projects\Terrace_Project\Terraces\Version_3\ line 154, near "%($func_sum_info"[/quote:fhf08axh]
    is displayed in the space at the bottom of the screen as "Scalar found where operator expectedVersion_3\".

    I have modified the Search and Replace expressions several times without having any effect on the behaviour of the error display.

    Can anyone give me a version of the Search and Replace expressions that work with ActiveState Perl?
    Other than editing the Regular Expressions and clicking "OK" is there anything else that I need to do to get these regular expressions working?
    Is there a way to test regular expressions to see if they are indeed working the way they are expected?


    Clay Martin

    Don’t know what the error output looks like, but in-order to tweak the regular expression, you might try just doing a search and replace on a sample of the compiler output, till you get the RE to work. That would save you 8 clicks for each test.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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