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    I would like to add some Escape Character Codes to the ME standard HTML Tag toolbar so that when I have to include characters like < > in my text I don’t have to type the &lt; and &gt; all the time.
    What are the best ways to do this…. I do not want to use the automatic expansion of templates because I get too many templates popping up where I don’t want them.

    Clay Martin

    You can do this fairly easily. First you need to go to the weblair template (Tools-Edit Templates) and add your less than greater than than templates, I’ll assume you named them LT and GT.

    Then go to Tools-Customize-Keys/Commands. Scroll down to the weblair area and press the insert key to add a command. Give it a name like Less Than and then in the command area place this
    wl_TagExpansion /TAG=LT
    For the button text type LT or <
    OK/Close back out
    Then in Tools-Customize Toolbars/boxes, select the HTML or HTML2 toolbar, move the selection to where you want the button and press the Insert button. Then select your added command (Less than) then OK/Close back out. You should now see your button on the tool bar. You can look at the other tool bar buttons for html tags to see what the command should look like.

    Hope this helps,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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