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    I’m feeling dumb, but I’ve given up trying to figure this out:

    I’m using an ARM C compiler invoked via a MAKE file, and the "Compiler/Program Type Setup" for ARM C included with Multi-Edit 8 __almost__ works for me. The problem I’m having is with the File Name when an error is generated. The project in question is divided into several sub-folders, under a root folder, lets call the root folder "c:\root". (probably a key point also here is that the "working directory" is also UNDER the root folder, its not the root folder itself).
    If I get an error, it generates a format like so:
    "..\core\stub.c", line 51, error: etc, etc.

    For ARM C, the Regular Expression for error is:
    Search: ^"(<p>)", line (<i>): ((Error)|(Warning):.(.+))$
    Replace: /F=\0/L=\3/M=\4

    The problem is that Multi Edit opens up a file called:

    But I really want it to open:

    One thing that I tried that I though should work was to change the "Replace" string to:

    But this does something weird: Multi Edit opens a file:

    Anybody have a solution?



    Multi-Edit v8 is quite old and I haven’t used it in years so I don’t know exactly how it works anymore but the current version of Multi-Edit allows you to specify the working directory in the compiler entry. This is how the error processing code determines the directory a file is located in when the error file is using a relative path.

    In the latest version, I would set the Working directory to use the path of the Source file, which should then locate the file relative to the directory the source file is located in.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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