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    Repost for Alessandro Pocaterra:

    I write C programs for 3 different microcontroller compilers. I’d like to
    have them treated as different compilers, not identifying all *.C files as
    belonging to a single compiler. After the 3 compilers are defined it would
    be necessary that any time a file from a new directory is loaded (it’s
    normal that in a single directory all files are for the same compiler) in
    case of doubt MEW asks which compiler to use.


    You can define all three compilers for the C extension, and just pick off the list that pops up when you hit F9. I’ve got extensions with 10-12 different compilers, most of which aren’t even compilers.

    Or am I misunderstanding the question?


    I think you’re probably right. I posted it on the chance that he really had in mind something implemented in either the session or project that would automatically associate a particular set of tools with particular files. I didn’t really think it was something we wanted to do, but thought I’d post it for comment and let Dan decide.

    Yeah, I’d just define the compilers in the list and use F9 myself. I got the feeling he knew that, and was asking for something a little different, possibly related to the discussions we were having on how to associate language types with files. But I can’t say, so it’s Buck-passing time. :)

    Michal Vodicka

    It is real problem which should be solved in the future. Currently, I have 55 compiler entries for C/C++ language. Even with moving last used entries to the top of list it is a bit messy. Next problem is C and C++ languages are different and there are dialects. I also work on embedded projects and every compiler has a bit different set of pragmas and reserved words (proprietary extensions).

    There should be a way how to select main language which defines basic set of keywords and a dialect which allows to add next and specify list of compilers. Also, there should be a way how to associate a language dialect with a project or a way how to associate a set of files with language dialect. The main problem is language association through file extension which was discussed in the past in the Codev forum.

    BTW, copying C language entry and create every dialect by hand would be impractical. Some macros (including mine) check for C language name and wouldn’t work with different name.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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