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    John Martzouco

    Nope… I haven’t changed it at all… it’s a frame from an animation.

    Clay Martin

    No Andy, never been in marketing. Spent a few years working for big corporations that would pay for some Anderson Androids to come up with crap like that, instead of paying the programmers more.

    Some VP wants more efficiency/higher sales/whatever. They pay the consultant, consultant produces a white paper, we waste time in meetings/seminars, goof up some efficient processes, add some extra overhead, and otherwise basically continue on as before. The market changes numbers go up and all the head honchos declare it all a big success. Life goes on.

    I’ve always considered that sort of buzz-word laden boiler plate kinda funny in a sick sort of way. Sort of like Gumbes (muck boots and handkerchief tied on head) on Monty Python.

    How about posting a full sized image?


    Alright, I’ll place a guess here…..a screenshot from the game ‘The Incredible Machine’?

    John Martzouco

    Clay… that is full size! (that could be clue #3)

    Chad… I remember that game… it was very, very, very much fun. My avatar comes from about the same time period (mid-90s).

    Think about it chugging away!

    Bret Sutton

    Chad, you gotta be puttin’ us on!

    I finally found my ME7 install diskettes, but then I realized that I haven’t had a floppy drive of any size for years! Guess I’ll have to fish one out of storage. So it’ll be a while before I can once again watch that little engine doing its thing. I was so disappointed when it disappeared. Perhaps someone can automate a cactus… :P

    Well, I guess that was clue #4.


    Yeah yeah I know what it is, Dan filled me in on it :D

    I’ll keep quiet for now and see who else here might be able to figure it out. After Dan had mentioned it to me, I knew I had seen it somewhere.

    Bret Sutton

    Returning to the original subject…


    So am I the only poster who has the balls to use an actual photograph of myself as an avatar?[/quote:25wv4o6m]
    Not any more!

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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