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    Ivo Fort

    I have a question concerning showing function parameters info.

    There are many WINAPI functions with two versions (Unicode and Nonunicode, eg. LoadStringA and LoadStringW). If I write LoadString, no tooltip window appears. I have to write LoadStringA or LoadStringW, then tooltip window opens.

    Is this normal behaviour or there is a possibility to show tooltip window immediately after typing LoadString?



    Michal Vodicka

    That’s strange. BSC handles this exact case. It looks if symbol is a constant (#define) and if so, it tries to find following symbols and if it is a function, it displays parameters info for it.

    LoadString works correctly for me. It is defined in WinUser.h (Platform SDK 2006 build 6000) following way:

    [code:22bnqqsr]#ifdef UNICODE
    #define LoadString LoadStringW
    #define LoadString LoadStringA
    #endif // !UNICODE[/code:22bnqqsr]

    Can you look at your definitions? Just browse for LoadString symbol and then browse for the following one (LoadStringA or W in above case). If it is a function, it should work. If differs from above, post it, please. Or tell me, where to get the header you’re using.

    BTW, just to be sure, do you write "(" after LoadString? Macro displaying parameters info is assigned to ( key.

    Ivo Fort

    Hi Michal,

    it is strange, but now it works. If I write "LoadString(" and use Parameter Info I can see the tip window. I am using Windows Server 2003 SP1 SDK and the definition of LoadString seems to be the same as your’s.

    But I still have another problem. The tip window doesnť appear after pressing "(". I have manually invoke it from BSC menu or through a key combination I have assigned to it. I am using czech keyboard layout.

    Thank you for yor help.


    Michal Vodicka

    Hi Ivo,

    the problem is definitely with Czech keyboard layout; I just tried it. Tip window is assigned to "(" using Key_To_Window() function which doesn’t seem to work correctly for Czech keyboard. I’m affraid you miss more MEW functions this way, for example close parent and brace highlithing.

    As a workaround you could start MEW with English layout and switch to Czech manually. This works as MEW assign keys when a window is created. Or try to use Czech programmers layout (which doesn’t write any Czech character for me for some reason…). Next possibility you can try is to assign TwOpenParen macro manually to "(" key.

    I have to admit I have no idea how MEW gets keyboard layout for non-English keyboard but it seems there is something wrong. Maybe Dan would know more.


    P.S. Personally I can’t imagine writing code with Czech keyboard layout :)

    Ivo Fort


    you are right. With english keyboard layout everything works fine. Unfortunately I have had to get used on the czech layout because of various reasons.

    I have noticed a few problems in MEW concerning czech characters and kbd layout:

    1) Changing case of characters with an accent doesn’t work. For example "Á" or "Č" does not change to "á","č" etc.
    2) Above mentioned problem with BSC Tip window.

    Surprisingly parenthesis and curly and square bracket highligt works fine.

    Thanks for help!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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