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    I’ve just updated to Multi-Edit 9.0, so why am I getting an error=2 whenever I try to run a compile that works fine in an older version of Multi-Edit?

    If you are running under a Windows 9.x OS then the problem is most likely that the temp directory Multi-Edit 9.0 is using is too long for the DosExec.exe program to handle. By default Multi-Edit 9.0 sets the temp directory to <ME_PATH>\Tmp which gets translated to c:\Program Files\Multi-Edit 9\Config\Tmp\. The DosExec program is a DOS program that is used to launch a compiler from Multi-Edit so that Multi-Edit can capture the output of the compiler. Since it is a DOS program it is limited to the length of the command line DOS can handle.

    To work around this problem change the temp directory to something like c:\Tmp.

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