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    In my compiler steup, it does not go to the error line.
    It does correctly find the file, and set the message in the status bar.
    When I try the redular expression in the editor, It does correctly locate the line number. Below you can see two errors. Firstly as from compiler. 2nd after the regex used from editor.
    Search: ^\*\*\* (.*) near line <b0>(<i>) <b0>in file<b0>(<p>)$
    Replace: /F=\2/L=\1/M=\0

    *** syntax error near line 65 in file StackOps.b
    þM= near “Stack” “Stack”
    *> Illegal Function Call argument syntax
    *< Expecting an a single argument or empty argument here.
    /F=StackOps.b/L=69/M= syntax error
    near ‘}’
    *> Illegal Statement

    Clay Martin

    Are you using one of the provided compiler setups or did you make one of your own? If the former which compiler setup for which extension? If the latter you will need to let me know what all the settings are.

    Your regexp looks good on the surface, but if you go to Help-Contents then search on Error Parsing Expressions you may find some useful info. I am wondering if some of the other compiler setup options may be causing the problem (like the reset line number option).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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