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    Does anyone know if there is an inherent size restriction on the copy/paste functions within MultiEdit? I ran a test which resulted in a large dataset and want to parse it into smaller chucks for analysis with Matlab or Labview.

    The data, which is 9 integer or floating point values wide by 21,600,000 entries (lines) long is saved by a Labview run test in text CSV format (so it can be opened and analyzed by whatever tools an interested party may have). The captured floating point resolution is limited to reduce file size. A representative line would look like "339,2470,2442,91.40,24.16,2.89,23.53,22.99,0.48". The resulting file size is approximately 1.25GB. I was trying to split it into 4 pieces.

    I opened the file, used F7 to start a marked block, then used Search/Go to line number 5,426,999 and F7 again to end a marked block. MultiEdit indicates that the block has been marked. Clicking Edit/Copy opens a message box titled "Confirm Large Block" whick asks if I want to copy text to the Windows clipboard. Clicking Yes starts the ‘working’ indicator spinning while the block is copied. This takes some time after which I clicked on File/New to get a destination for the copy.

    Clicking Edit/Paste in the new file pops up an error window titled "Wew32.exe" which states that an error occurred in the application. I just emailed the ‘bug report’ to MultiEdit from within the error window.

    I had process Explorer open during the copy attempt. I have 8GB of RAM on the machine and reported usage never went over 3.8GB.

    Clay Martin

    Are you pasting to another edit window within Multi-Edit (ME) or to another application? If all the work is in ME, you don’t need to involve the windows clipboard and can answer no to that question. You might try that and see if you have better luck. The internal clipboard in ME has the same restrictions as any edit window in ME. We have had some issues with win 7 running on 64 bit machines, and how they allocate memory to 32 bit processes that has caused out of memory errors on very large files.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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