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    Ok, I’v been playing with the dbtools stuff (DbGetFile, DbGetRecord, etc) and i’v seen many different ways of using them. Sometimes DbGetPage is called and then the page is access directly. other times DbGetRecord and DbPutRecord are used…

    So I was wondering what was the “newest and bestest” method of using dbtools? What would be a good example I could look at to learn this stuff?

    Has anyone else used it? For better or worse? Any sugestions?



    First, I moved this topic to the Support forum where it belongs since it is Multi-Edit related.

    The general rule that I use when determining when to use DbGetRecord or DbGetPage and then process the page directly is how much data is going to be processed. If it is only a few records then DbGetRecord is what I would use. Now if I were going to be using all of the records under a page, then I would use DbGetPage and process the page directly. There are many example of doing both.

    The DbTools.s routines were originally written so that I would have a way to access and update the command map and MeConfig.db records in a uniform way. The Update.s macros were then written to provide a wrapper script around the DbTools functions so that update scripts could be written to update the user databases as well as to provide Add-On packages installation and management.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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