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    What is the difference between DosExec and W32Exec?

    Both of these programs are used to launch and capture the output of compilers run from Multi-Edit.

    [list:2db3s4gv]The DosExec program is used to start and capture output from DOS compilers and is needed when running under a Windows 9.x OS.

    W32Exec is a Win32 console program that does the same for Win32 console compilers. It should be used when running under a WinNT OS such as Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. It can also be used when running a Win32 console program under a Win9x OS but it can not capture the output of DOS programs when run under a Win9x OS. [/list:u:2db3s4gv]
    Multi-Edit handles launching the correct program as long as the exec type is set correctly and the Use W32EXEC on NT option is selected under Tools | Customize | Program execution.

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