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    I decided to give 9.1 a try with php – It quite syntax highlighting with an embedded <?php echo “hello” ?> in a line but it works OK with the tags on separate lines. Cntrl f9 finds HTML tags descending but not assending. The embedded php confuses the matching.
    as soon as the embedded php is removed everything works fine.

    Since I see no one else complaining – am I missing something? :(


    I have the same problem.

    Clay Martin



    As I understand this, and I believe the issue has been brought up before in the forums, is that because the HTML language gets handled in a different manner (Weblair) than the other languages, to sort out some of these issues will require some major codeworking but rest assured that the Development team is aware of the issue and it will be rectified as soon as is possible. Because of the depth of the issue, this may not be until v10 unfortunately.


    I have run into the problem of syntax highlighting disappearing when editing large php files. If I make a change in content to a php file where the php start tag (<?php) is not visible, the highlighting goes away.

    To get highlighting back, I must home to the top of the file.

    Is there some setting I need to change in order to get the highlight scanner to start from the top??

    Any help is appreciated.


    Bob, I have run into the same thing from time to time.

    I usually happens when I put both tags on one line as in
    <? echo “Blah”;?>
    as soon as I change it to
    echo “Blah”;
    it goes away after a page up-page down.

    I have not had a problem with it ending when the tag is ‘off the top ‘ of the screen. It is off the top of my screen a lot.

    Hope this helps


    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the reply. I searched around in the support area here and found that someone else was having problems when editing and using Polystyle to reformat the edited file. I am doing the same so it might be associated to polystyle’s changes.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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