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    Jeez, I feel like I’m spamming the message board…

    Anway, I came across a bug^H^H^H question with If I #include it there is a compile error. If I comment out function MsgLogMsg all is well; thought you’d all like to know.

    By the way, I really like DebugLog(), its pritty handy. I wanted to clear the log so I added a ClearDebugLog() macro, which brings me to erase_window… does it clear File_Name as well? It seems to, and if its supposed to you might mention that in the help file, cuz it really confused me for a while.



    You need to be sure to #include before including in your source file.

    Yes, Erase_Window clears the File_Name as well.

    Post or send me your changes and I’ll see about adding them to the system.


    void ClearDebugLog(int LogNum)
    int Tw = Window_Id;
    int Tr = Refresh;

    if ( LogNum > 0 ) {
    Refresh = false;
    if ( !Switch_Win_Id( Global_Int( "~MSGLOG-" + Str( LogNum ) ) ) ) {
    Rm( "CreateWindow" );
    Set_Global_Int( "~MSGLOG-" + Str( LogNum ), Window_Id );
    File_Name = "MSG-" + Str( LogNum ) + ".LOG";
    str s = File_Name;
    File_Name = s;
    Switch_Win_Id( Tw );
    Refresh = Tr;


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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