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    I’ve just upgraded to ME2008 and have attempted to install the Evolve Add-On.

    I have looked under "Tools | Manage Add-On Packages" and it does not show that Evolve is installed.

    I have looked in all the folders under my ME 2008 install folder and I do not see any macros (or any other files) starting with EV.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Clay Martin

    You should not see those in that location. Since ME 2006 (later subversions) all new macros and user config info is stored in a sub folder under Documents and Settings. You may have to restart ME to see the Evolve functions become active.

    The following post shows you how to locate your config files.

    You would need to have selected Evolve as a addon to make available, when you installed ME. You can rerun the installer and just select (uncheck the rest) Evolve if you did not do that initially. If you are using Tools-Install add-on packages to do the install, you will need to navigate to the Addon subdirectory under the ME install directory to find the Evolve Directory.



    Thanks Clay, I had to rerun the install program, as the Addon subdirectory did not exist until after I did that.

    That did it. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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