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    Using MEW 2008 11.04, and for at least 4 months, I had no issue with using the Find capability.
    Now, I use either F5 or File->Search->Find, and the top status bar(File,Edit,Search,View,etc.) turns gray, and there is NO find dialog box that gets displayed.
    Hitting the enter key brings back the top status bar into a usable state.

    What is going on with my Find capability? I also notice that Tools -> Customize no longer opens up a dialog.

    This is running on Windows 7 32 bit Premium.


    Clay Martin

    Go to View-Find List 0, if the entry is not checked please click on it. Then in the find list pane (below the edit window).
    Click on the little arrow in the upper left corner of the pane and then choose clear all.
    Repeat this for Find List 1.

    If this does not work, then in file manager, locate the config directory (the following post tells you how) and in the Tmp directory, under the Config directory delete the following files. Multi-Edit should not be running when you do this.
    The files

    That should solve your problem.


    There is nothing that exists under the Find0 and Find1 windows(All the entries were cleared out previously).

    I have also deleted the two tmp files, and still nothing has changed.
    After closing MEW, then deleting the tmp files, then restarting MEW, MEfind0.tmp exists.

    Clay Martin

    Have you used multiple monitors then went back to just one. If so it could be that the dialog shows up on the other monitor. To fix, do the following:
    In Multi-Edit:
    press Run/Ok


    Thank you, that was the issue.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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