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    I started using Multiedit in OEM Translation mode to edit my old DOS files. All was fine until I try to find (Search|Find menu) some of text containg non-ASCII symbols (having codes above 127). I found that Find dialog uses ANSI coding for an input string and searches (and not finds, of course) that ANSI-coded string in my OEM-coded text.
    Futhermore, the Replace dialog (besides that it finds an ANSI-string) inserts the replace string also as ANSI-coded!
    IMHO, it’s not correct behaviour in OEM Translation mode, isn’t it? Any ideas what to do with this stuff?


    I think the program itself searches for hex bytes and replaces with hex bytes. The ANSI/OEM choice just determines what symbols to display on the screen for the hex bytes.

    I tried switching to OEM via TOOLS -> CUSTOMIZE -> EDITING (left side pane) -> Default Editing Fonts, select OEM. I currently have OEM set to “Terminal” font, and ANSI set to “Courier New Special” font (same as “Courier New” except there’s a slash through the zero. It’s available in the User Created Macros forum).

    I notice the text in the windows changes when I switch to OEM mode. I notice the FIND and FIND/REPLACE dialog windows still display ANSI characters, but FIND still finds the correct hex bytes even though they appear different in the window.

    e.g. if the text file has a hex 02 byte in it; in OEM mode it displays a black happy face character; do a FIND, cut and paste in that black happy face character, and it shows up in the FIND field as an upside down T character, but click ‘Search’ and it finds the black happy face character as desired.

    e.g.2: if the text file has a hex FB character, in OEM mode it displays in the window as a square root sign; do a FIND, cut and paste that square root character into the FIND field, and it shows up as a u with circumflex, but click ‘Search’ and it finds the square root sign character as desired.

    I don’t know if it’s possible to make Multi-Edit display OEM characters in search fields.


    Yes, you are right. But it becomes diffucult to ENTER search string when you see, for example, circumflex instead of square root sign, doesn’t it? :( I think that developers just miss this moment. They reconvert characters from ANSI to OEM when text is entering, the same they have to do when searching/replacing and in other program parts when text from dialogs is used to compare/insert with edited file. I think that it’s now the topic for suggestions forum.


    Maybe not the answer you’re looking for, but you can always enter any character code between 0 and 255 simply by giving its character code (which you can get from Windows’ Character Map) in hex, as \xNN. If there are characters you search for frequently, create aliases for them in the alias list.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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