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    When first launching MeLS-2008 (11.04, Vista) the 3 ‘Find Selected’ buttons (Global, Next, or Last) do not work. Selecting text and pressing buttons (or key equivalents) just moves cursor to next line. However, after the Find or Replace button on the MeLS main toolbar is used once, the SAS toolbar buttons work as advertised. This ‘seeding’ action for the Find Selected buttons stays with the application image. If the file is closed and another file opened, the SAS ‘find selected’ buttons continue to work. However, once I exit MeLS I must ‘seed’ the Find Selected buttons again the next time I launch MeLS.

    Surely, this action cannot be intentional, is it?

    Larry Holden

    Clay Martin

    No that is not what was intended. I checked this out on my MeLS 10.x and the find group works as expected. I will have to download a trial of the newer version to test.


    The problem is a global variable isn’t being initialized. (Global variable SReturn_Int). The variable is initialized when you open the Search dialog. However, Find Selected is bypassing the search dialog.

    On Lite versions of Multi-Edit, to initialize, just open/close the search dialog. Then it’s set for the remainder of the session.

    On full versions of Multi-Edit, you can install the ME2008fixes add-on, which is bundled with the EDX add-on at:

    You don’t have to install EDX or LNX, just select ME2008fixes, click "Install", and it will take care of the rest.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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