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    Using MEL 11.04.00 on XP and editing an HTML file. When I copy a line containing open and close script tags, and then split the line between the open and close tags, MEL displays an 800+ character line of garbage. Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create a file melbug.html containing the following:
    [code:22w0hkw6]<!doctype html>
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="../std.css" type="text/css">
    <script src="../std.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <title>Test ME bug</title>
    <p>Test ME bug with HTML script tag</p>

    2. Arrow down to the line that starts with <script …>

    3. Copy the line: press Ctrl-C, scroll down one line, press Ctrl-V.

    4. Move the cursor out to the beginning of the </script> tag.

    5. Press Enter.

    The cursor moves down to the beginning of the next line, as it should, but instead of the </script> tag appearing on this line by itself, the new line reads as follows:

    [code:22w0hkw6]JAVASCRIPT.TPT CASE=0þT=(M=1CM=0ES=0S=1E=1F=2N=PARENþT=breakM=1CM=0ES=0S=1E=1F=1N=BREAKþT=continueM=2CM=0ES=0S=1E=1F=1N=CONTINUEþT=elseM=1CM=0ES=0S=1E=1F=1N=ELSEX=1þT=eiM=2CM=0ES=0S=1E=1F=1N=ELSE IFþT=forM=1CM=0ES=0S=1E=1F=1N=FORþT=functionM=2CM=0ES=0S=1E=1F=1N=FUNCTIONþT=ifM=1CM=0ES=0S=1E=1F=1N=IFþT=returnM=1CM=0ES=0S=1E=2F=1N=RETURNþT=withM=2CM=0ES=0S=1E=1F=1N=WITHþT=whileM=1CM=0ES=0S=1E=1F=1N=WHILEþT=/*M=2CM=1ES=0S=1E=1F=1N=/*BLKþT=//M=2CM=1ES=0S=1E=1F=0N=//þT=/*M=2CM=1ES=0S=1E=1F=0N=/*þT={//M=3CM=1ES=0S=1E=1F=2N={//þT={/*M=3CM=1ES=0S=1E=1F=2N={/*þT=}//M=3CM=1ES=0S=1E=1F=1N=}//þT=}/*M=3CM=1ES=0S=1E=1F=1N=}/*þT={M=1CM=0ES=0S=1E=1F=2N=BRACE[/code:22w0hkw6]

    This line becomes part of the file if you save it.

    This only happens the first time in an editing session. If I delete or undo the line and repeat the copy and line split procedure, the line separates normally and the bug does not recur. The bug does recur in subsequent sessions.

    Kevin Carmody

    Clay Martin

    I was able to reproduce this bug, although with different garbage inserted. I have added this to the bug list for the next build.

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