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    I have been using MultiEdit for so many years that I cannot even derive when I first adopted it!! :shock: I originally used it back in the MSDOS days, when I first looked at the demo version and discovered syntax highlighting… that was enough to actually make me abandon Brief, which I had never thought I would do. I still have my MultiEdit V7 floppy disks, but I know I used the version which preceded it. It has been at least 25 years, likely more, and it’s painful to think of leaving MultiEdit… but I was listening to a Fleetwood Mac song recently:

    Well, I’ve been afraid of changing
    Cause I’ve built my life around you
    But time makes you bolder
    Even children get older
    and I’m getting older too

    and I guess that’s how I feel now… I have considered the recent messages expressing that they have run out of money to continue development, with the final product far from done (I believe the phrase was "about 75% done"), and other comments pondering trying to raise money from the public to continue development…

    … and after lengthy and careful consideration, I just don’t feel prepared to put up, let’s say, $100 on the off chance that enough people will take the gamble, to enable them to finish the job, nor (to be quite blunt) am I confident that they would really manage to get the job done even if they did get, say, another $150,000 or so.

    In my previous studies, I hadn’t really found any other editor that had all the functionality that I felt I really needed, at a price that I could accept. However, over the last two weeks I have been working with PsPad (freeware) and found that I could configure it to function exactly like MEW, including all the specialized functionality that I’m used to. If anyone else wants to follow in my footsteps, they can go to the PsPad English forum, and look at all the questions that I asked; that basically covers all the tweaks that are needed to turn PsPad into an MEW clone! Another nice thing about it, is that all configuration files are stored in the pspad directory, so copying to another machine is as simple as zip and unzip… very nice!!

    So, the time has finally come, I’m getting older too, and I’m moving on.
    It has been a wonderful quarter-century.




    I’ll take a look at PsPad.

    Whenever I’m working on a Linux system with X available, I use Kate, the KDE programmer’s editor, and I find it pretty comfortable to use. I know there is going to be a chorus of people suggesting I use vim, and I do use vim a lot for basic editing, but I just can’t get past the 20+ years of Multi-edit muscle memory (and don’t want to…), and just can’t get motivated to make the effort to learn the advanced features of vim.

    Kate has 90% of the functionality I use every day right out of the box and I can customize the key bindings and what-not to replicate a lot of my ME environment. Since you can install and run KDE on Windows, I would also suggest Kate as a possible replacement. Being able to use the same editor on Windows and Linux is definitely a plus.


    Clay Martin

    Sorry to hear. Best of luck in the future.



    I totally understand, and agree, with your feelings about MEW.

    I find it incredibly hard to understand why the decision was made to totally abandon the old MEW codebase. In my programming experience it’s usually better to patch-and-incrementally-improve a project than to throw everything out and start from scratch.

    With the rise of good free/cheap text editors it is hard to justify spending large amounts of money on a new stand-alone programmer’s editor. The simultaneous rise in the complexity of programming projects makes it so much more likely that people will use a platform-recommended IDE rather than roll-their-own as they used to do.

    With the common use of so many complex object-oriented programming languages these days, navigating projects with the old MEW tags or even the slightly-more-modern Exuberant Ctags can be a painful experience. From my experience, you really need the editor to "understand" the source code … perhaps using the project’s PDB or DWARF debugging information, or like Visual Studio’s intellisense, by having behind-the-scenes access to the compiler.

    I’ll be interested to see what the "new" MEW does … but, like you, I won’t be putting down my money on a gamble.

    I’ll take a look at your posts in the PsPad forums. I wrote the shell extension dll that Jan is using for PsPad as part of my EditWith open-source project, and PsPad certainly did seem nice. There were a couple of things that put me off switching to it, but perhaps your posts will get me over that.



    I guess that you could call me a pack-rat … I was doing some cleaning up today and came across these …



    Wow!! Very cool!! Man, definitely brings back memories…
    I never had Brief from Borland, though…
    the version that I used was by UnderWare … one of the best company names ever!!!


    I think that I threw away by original Brief 3.0 "UnderWare" floppy a few years ago … no need to keep the old version when I had a newer one!

    It was amazing that Borland bought Brief, only to basically abandon it with no significant new release … I’d love to know what-on-earth they were thinking.

    It make’s me want to fire up my Win98 virtual machine and dig out an old backup CD with installed Brief, MultiEdit, Watcom, Borland, etc directories. :wink:

    It wasn’t that long ago that I fired-up an old home-computer CP/M emulator and got my first commercial game building again. VEdit and Microsoft’s M80 assembler … those were the days!


    I have been an ME user since v-3.x.

    I think I will be limping along with PsPad for awhile instead of limping along with MEW. MEW would be the better product if in the next generation it doesn’t lose the functionality it has, with the two long-standing bugs that cause my limping fixed. So I still hold out hope and may be back.


    Well, this is ironic; sad in a way, yet good in a way…
    I’ve been forced to abandon PsPad after all… it has a couple of serious bugs, which in the past were very occasional, but have become more frequent with recent versions. As is so common with free software, the author has gotten bored with supporting it, or busy with paying life, or something, and isn’t attempting to work on it any more.

    It’s good, though, because this has caused me to look at MEW again… and Gods, I haven’t realized how much I’ve missed it!!! I’ve gotten very capable at porting my Brief keyboard habits into the Windows keymap, so it works very smoothly for me…

    I think the only features that I *really* wish I could get are:

    1. re-arrange files by dragging tabs… that’s *so* common in software now, it’s really annoying to not have it here. However, the View:Windows addon works well enough, I don’t have to move tabs that often.

    2. I’ve become very accustomed to automatic brace matching, really wish we could get that in MEW; the on-demand matching (Control-E) is adequate, but not as intuitive as the automatic solutions. What’s ironic is that MEW *does* have this with parentheses matching, but not with braces!! Again, though, I can live with it.

    3. Also, there’s still the odd bug with the Bookmarks dialog; it used to show the text from the lines where each bookmark was placed, but at some point that got lost, and doesn’t consistently work… that’s a bit of a bummer.

    Anyway, it’s good to be back. I understand that I likely will never see another version of the program, but at this point, I’m not complaining.

    Happy New Year, MultiEdit!


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