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    I’ve been using MEW for a decade or so. My old machine died and I installed MEW from scratch on a new machine. Seems fine, except that when I invoke help, nothing appears. I can open the help files fine directly in Explorer.

    Suggestions? This was a clean install, accepting all defaults, with one exception. I checked Delphi and some MS support at the beginning of installation, but then cancelled those options when they appeared because they required the respective IDEs already be installed on my system, which they are not yet. Don’t know if that’s relevant to the help failure.

    The viewers setup data seems to be correct, based on another message in another forum. For example,


    Jonathan March
    MEW 9.0e



    I read that post. When I compile and run the (edited) CMAC script, it too does nothing. (I did run a hello world to make sure that I was clear on the compile/run mechanism, as it’s been many years since I wrote an ME macro.)

    Also, I am using Win2K Sp4, which doesn’t seem to have the problem in the referenced post.

    Ernie Zapata

    I just tested this again. When the thread mentioned was posted, it appeared that there was no problem with trailing white space being passed on a .CHM filename. But, now there is a problem with trailing white space on the .CHM filename. There may have been some updates to the Html Help since the original posts.

    I believe you have to rebuild the macro library in order for changes in Help.s to become effective. There should be a link in your Start -> Programs -> Multiedit group to rebuild the macro library.


    Thanks, Ernie. I added the suggested line to the top of the specified routine, then rebuilt the macro library. Now when I start MEW, it has only 2 items on the menu bar: Run a macro, and Exit. I removed the offending line in help.s and tried to rebuild the macro library again, but now CMacWin flashes an error screen too quick to read and aborts. It’s been years since I’ve written CMac code, and I really was not planning a refresher course in it right now. All I wanted was for my text editor to work.

    Does anybody else think that it’s bizarre that a clean install of the next-to-most-recent version of a commercial program apparently requires that the user patch it before help works? I wonder if it’s time to switch to a more widely used and carefully maintained editor?

    Ernie Zapata

    I should add that the problems described in the original thread referenced was for MEW32 9.10.03, and I am currently running 9.10.04. I should have caught that you were running 9.0e, but I did not.

    Also, the original problem: ‘when I invoke the help file, the HtmlHelp window opens with menu bar, contents panel, except that the information pane displays a typical Internet Explorer “The page cannot be displayed” type page, stating “The page you are looking for is currently unavailable.” ‘.

    I guess you are not actually seeing the same symptoms, so there may be another problem. I cannot say if the workarounds provided for 9.10.03/04 would actually work for 9.0e, as I am unable to test.

    Sorry for the confusion.


    The current issue of the ME Developer News has an article which gives more explicit instructions, which did in fact work for me. I had implemented the instructions on the forum incorrectly.
    See: … 06.htm#CLH

    Thanks again for your help, Ernie.


    Two of the posts above have incomplete hotlinks (with “…” in the middle of the URL).

    Can someone please provide the complete links?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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