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    The existing PS implementation actually isn’t very useful, at least for me. The problem is that style formatting isn’t actually integrated into MultiEdit at all; it is executed completely separately from my MultiEdit session. As a result:

    1. I can’t format just a section of code, I have to format the entire file, which I often *really* don’t want to do.

    2. PolyStyle doesn’t use my MultiEdit formatting style. It has it’s own complex method built in for trying to configure it – well guess what ?!?! MultiEdit ALREADY knows how to format my C (and C++, and Pascal, and ASM) code!! It’s been doing it for years!!

    The PolyStyle so-called "integration" becomes a BIG problem when I have to format functions from the Linux source code… PS is utterly stupified by some of the headers and macros which are used in the modern Linux driver code (and I’ll admit, some of it is VERY obtuse), and just dies with an infinite number of errors which occurred in sections of the driver source that I didn’t even want formatted in the first place!! PolyStyle is completely useless for this purpose (trying to examine Linux driver source code).

    So, In order to make PS actually be useful within MultiEdit, it needs to REALLY be integrated into the editor… at a minimum:

    1. Forget about all the complex configuration stuff; read the formatting instructions that MultiEdit already has; that works perfectly.

    2. Allow the user to format just the highlighted block. Other commercial editors (CodeWright, Visual SlickEdit) have been doing this for years. That way we won’t get tripped up by all the garbage that Linux puts in the driver headers.

    I really hope that the PolyStyle developers will consider some of these issues, so that it will actually become usable for me (and other linux developers). ME is an almost ideal editor; integrated code formatting is the only issue that I’ve wished for, and I’ve been asking for it for years, but the existing PolyStyle solution doesn’t do it…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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