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    John Martzouco

    Here’s an idea that I’d like to see implemented…

    When I enter white space in the "Search for" field, I’d like to have an option for the system to convert all the white space to the appropriate regular expression search terms and use that instead.

    I envision an extra check box on the dialog that would turn the feature on/off and it would be closely associated with the "Regular expression" radio toggle… the each triggering the state of the other.

    I’m working on a project that has tons of TAB characters and varying length space characters instead of a nice, clean, single space style. Every time I need to search for an "@x =" type statement, I have to manually type in the alias to use regular expressions.

    I’ve never seen this feature in any other product and think it would be another thing that would distinguish Multi-Edit from the competition.

    Best regards,


    If you use Perl-style regular expressions, "\s" will match any whitespace character (space, tab, CR, LF, FF)


    Multi-Edit has some Regular Expression Aliases that you can use.
    Open the search dialog, then click on the ‘Alias’ button.

    It has:
    <b> for Blanks(whitespace)
    <b0> for Blanks(0+)
    <b1> for Blanks(1+)

    select one and click ‘Edit’ to see what it is defined as

    You can also add your own (click ‘Insert’). I added:
    Description: *Star*
    Alias: <*>
    Classic: ?*
    Unix: .@

    John Martzouco

    Thanks fellas, I already do that.

    The improvement I’m asking for is that ME realizes that I want to search for whitespace and that *it* changes the search phrase to include the regex (or alias) with a single click.

    It’s to save me from spending 20 seconds entering the aliases every time I need to make a search. In my case, this would save me ten minutes a day easily and make the task much easier.



    Have a look at file RegExp.s macro ReTranslate. That’s the one that takes aliases in the search string (such as <b>) and replaces it with the actual expression. Aliases start with a ‘<‘. You can add some code that replaces spaces with whatever you want there. (If you want to search for a actual space, you could enter its hex value, or switch off regular expressions.)

    John Martzouco

    Done. :~)

    Changes in attached are labelled: [RegExp Whitespace Button]

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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