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    Using ME 9.10.02. When I press ctrl-v (or use toolbar or menu to paste), a line block is inserted at the cursor position as a stream block. (bad) If I use the paste button down on the paste tab, line blocks are inserted as line blocks. (good)

    I read another topic about this, but Ctrl-v is already mapped to Paste from Buffer, not Paste Special. If I disable the new paste buffers ctrl-v works fine on line buffers.

    I have noticed ctrl-v works correctly when Multi-Edit is first launched. When ctrl-v quits working, closing Multi-Edit and restarting fixes ctrl-v on line buffers.

    After noticing the issue is corrected by restarting Multi-Edit, I am pretty confident this is a bug. If not, what’s up? Also, is there a way to have the paste buffers saved accross sessions? When restarting the editor, it would be nice to still have my paste buffer history.

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