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    Is it possible to get an option to leave the blank lines in a source file alone? So, if I decide to have three or four blank lines, Polystyle will not remove them or cut them down to one or add blank lines when I don’t want them?

    Maybe as a global option or by language option?

    John Martzouco


    You might have more luck with this over at the Polystyle forums.


    I understand that this theme is devoted just to problems Polystyle. Therefore bern has asked a correct question. It is bad that here there is nobody to explain a question…




    I don’t think anyone suggested Bern’s question was out of line.

    The people on this bulletin board are MultiEdit users, of which only a subset uses the MultiEdit/PolyStyle integration. Even fewer will intricately know how to get PolyStyle to do something that isn’t immediately obvious through the PolyStyle configurator (including myself), if it is even possible at all.

    John, after noticing Bern’s question has gone unanswered for 2 months, was helping Bern by suggesting he will likely get an answer more quickly (or perhaps an answer at all) by asking PolyStyle experts on the PolyStyle-hosted forums.

    I don’t think it’s bad that MultiEdit users are unable to answer a PolyStyle question, even if it was asked in a MultiEdit PolyStyle forum.

    Cheers! :)



    I don’t think anyone suggested Bern’s question was out of line.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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