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    Since I installed the newest upgrade to ME last week Polystyle won’t run I tried overlaying the latest version of Polystyle but the same happens. I am running it on a C file.

    If I run Polystyle stand alone it works fine. If I invoke it from the ME menu then it fails. I get a message in the Polystyle Dialog header saying that Polystyle finished with errors. The error log window says "null" and no changes appear in the C file This was all working fine with my previous ME install (9.1).

    If I invoke the configure formatter selection it makes the system very busy, but I get nothing except a dialog saying "Executin…" and containing the command line of the polystyle invocation. There is a Bypass button on the display and clicking that terminates the dialog, but nothing else ever happens.

    I also see two instances of polystyleRunner.exe and PolystyleExec.exe in the task manager process list.


    I installed MEW2006, v 10.0.01 today.

    I am having the same problem. Load a (presumably) supported file type (BAS, JSX) , click the Format button, nothing happens.


    You can add support to Multi-Edit to allow formatting VBasic file since Polystyle now supports it by adding the following to the formatter field of the Tools | Customize | General | Languages | VBasic | Edit dialog.

    [code:24dkuamz]Formatter: Polystyle^PolystyleRun[/code:24dkuamz]

    I’ll be adding this to the AddOn update script for the next release of Multi-Edit.


    Hello? Anybody there?

    Polystyle still will not work with my ME2006 install. Have the latest updates to both. Running the config from the ME tools menu never replies. Leaves a hung task on the Winxp task manager.



    I’ve provided the Multi-Edit team with some information they can use to track this issue down so it has been addressed and is being worked on.


    I have gotten around this problem by completely uninstalling ME, deleting the ME folder in Program Files and reinstalling from scratch. In all previous attempts at this I told the install to use my previous settings. This time I told it new settings. The problem with Polystyle is now fixed. I just have to recreate my changes to the keymap. grrr.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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