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    Reid Sweatman

    Got some issues trying to install v11.04 as client/server.
    1) The client installer adds “.04” to whatever location you set in the ME110_CFG_DIR environment variable, obsoleting the variable. Is this really intended?
    2) Is that the correct variable? I arrived at that by experimenting.
    3) The ME2K6 manual I’m working from says to copy the files (and directories, I presume) from the Config directory of an old installation to the location pointed at by the variable, but that doesn’t seem to do anything.
    )4 The network access directory created during the server install has no files in it. Problem?
    5) The client install doesn’t copy source or macro files, so how can you customize them for that client (preferably from within the user-account client)?
    I know that’s a lot to ask, but it’s all related. Waiting with bated (or possibly,
    baited breath.

    Clay Martin

    Hi Reid,
    I’ll start with what I have for doing an network install:
    For the network installation, first step is to install onto the server. You will need to create a directory on the server, that Multi-Edit (ME) will reside in. You will need read, write and execute permissions to that directory. The clients (ME users) will need read and execute permissions to this directory.

    Run the ME install program from the server or from a remote consol that can access the server’s directory. You will need Administrator privileges on the server. After the licence agreement dialog you will get a dialog asking for the serial number and release code. Underneath those is a place to enter the path to the directory on the server that you created for ME to reside in. The installation will skip over many of the items that would be asked for a standalone install, you will be prompted for those when you do the client installs.

    When you have completed the install on the server, you can install the client copies.

    Make sure no copy of Multi-Edit is running on the server or client machine.

    Then create a directory (for user config info) on the client machine that the user has full rights (read, write, execute) to, usually under the Documents and Settings directory. Setup an environment variable, on the client machine named ME110_CFG_DIR that contains that directory path. Then from the client machine, execute the file Net2008Setup.exe that is located in the directory you created on the server. During this installation the user will be prompted for their personal configuration options that will be stored on the client machine.

    As to your questions
    1,2) I think the adding of .04 was a change made to the regular install to deal with multiple version changes, and has self propagated to the network install, where you can specify the directory, unlike the stand-alone install. For the stand-alone install the usual path is:
    Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Multi Edit Software\Multi-Edit\11\Config.04 Substitute your user name for USER
    If for the network client install, if you did not provide a value for ME110_CFG_DIR, I think the above path would be the default.
    3)Just coping the old config files is problematic, especially when the install is a different version, I would suggest using Tools-Config-Import/Export if there are settings you want to keep from an old install.
    4) Are you saying that Net2008Setup.exe is not in the server directory?
    5) Those files, source and mac are not placed in the client config directory until you modify/compile them. At that point they are copied from the install config directory, to the user’s directory, same with template files. When running, and you go to use a (template for instance) ME first looks in the user’s config directory, then if a version of the file is not found, it will look in the installed directory to get the original. Because of OS changes, the user is not allowed to write to the install directory after installation. That is why copies of files are placed in the user’s config directory if they will be modified (like if you change a template).

    Hope this helps,

    Reid Sweatman

    That answered a lot, and some is figured out. Some of my trouble came from only having a ME2006 manual for info. I guess 2008 doesn’t use a directory for tracking net id’s (that was the directory left empty).
    There’s still one issue, though. The net client installer will create a subdirectory of the directory you pointed to using ME110_CFG_DIR, of the same name but with “.04” appended, and use it for the Config directory, not the one the variable pointed at. In any event, you’ll point at the wrong directory from then on. In spite of that, it still appears to work.
    Thanks for the response, Clay.

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