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    I was a heavy long time MEW user, from the 90’s. (search message for Satenstein). I have mew2008, and after a long layoff, I am back to doing Baan support and development (I am a grandfather). i am getting a problem with mew2008 and windows 2007 64bit. If I start mew and load a file, all is ok, If I click on a file extension (.cln) mew2008 aborts with a dll error message.

    I have to setup baan language support. I sent this information to Dan in 2007. I hope you still have it. It would be much appreciated if you did have it and send it to me. If not, I have some 5 year old xp machines in storage that have mew on it.

    my question is, what am I missing to cause a dll problem if I start with the filename to trigger mew2008? My older mew2006 also blows up and has been fully removed from my laptop.

    Mew has proven itself for support by showing that notpad++ or other editor hides characters and lies about line lengths. There is a good chance to make a few sales at my client. Baan has been renamed infor. See if you can market to the ERP interest group on linked in.

    Clay Martin


    When you say:

    If I click on a file extension (.cln) mew2008 aborts with a dll error message.[/quote:17uwxci5]
    Do you mean clicking on a file in file manager to start Multi-Edit (ME)? What is the error message?

    There is a post that has some Baan support files

    Dan had sent me some baan related stuff for an add on package, I will try to attach it.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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