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    I’ve recently upgraded to MEW 2008 after using ME8 for a couple of decades (since the early 90’s). Mostly from my perspective the product is the same (though I’m finding the current SQL template intrusive and am contemplating turning the feature off if I can’t get it to stop putting up a modal dialog box every time I type in SELECT, but I digress) with the notable exception of the File –> Open dialog being incredibly slow (especially over large networked drives at work).

    I found in the forums where I could switch to a much faster "Explorer style" dialog which did correct the slow response time of the native dialog. My current problem with the "Explorer style" dialog is that the modal window that pops up is not re-sizable. It becomes very difficult to work with very long file names in this tiny fixed window. How can I change that?

    Clay Martin

    You can stop the auto template expansion by going to Tools-Edit Templates, select the template set in the drop down, then uncheck Space in the "expand" area of the dialog.

    The "explorer" dialog is the native ME one, and is one of the older dialogs that does not have the functionality to re-size. That is one of the items being changed in the next build is to make all dialogs re-sizeable. You would have to switch back to the other file prompt to re-size the dialog.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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