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    Whenever I switch to or from ME from another application (which happens HUNDREDS of times per day), ME evidently saves configuration information. On MobileME, this save takes 3 – 4 seconds, during which time the editor is unusable.

    This takes a giant nip off of MobileME’s usability, and has me at the brink of switching to UltraEdit. I would strongly suggest that

    1. MobileME save state information to hard drive (%TEMP% directory) rather than the USB drive. The state information is specific to the machine (e.g. screen location, open file list, etc.) and not to the application.

    2. MobileME could buffer this information: there’s no need to write it out to nonvolatile storage on every switch back and forth from the editor. This can be written asynchronously.

    I’m hoping that a few other users will chime in and second my experience. When I’m coding, I have a certain "flow," and that totally unnecessary pause causes me considerable frustration and unhappiness with your product (which I like in almost every other way).

    PLEASE change this behavior in your next update: save me from the ravages of UltraEdit !


    If you don’t want session information to be saved when Multi-Edit looses focus, go into Tools | Customize | Files | Autosave and be sure to uncheck the Save status options in the Autosave dialog.

    You can also change the location of where the Session files are stored in the Tools | Customize | Sessions dialog under the Status file path field.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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