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    I use it primarily for C++ development, mostly as a replacement for C++ Builder 6 IDE.

    I also use it to edit 99% of any files that are text based, i.e txt, ini, rc, dfm, java, php, etc.

    The one thing that is missing from MEW is a user interface that conforms to the windows standards, it is certainly usable but it has its quirks, this is the one thing that generates the most questions from all of the other users at my site.


    PowerBasic doing text manipulation on the desktop. I would use CMAC more if I could get a little help with interfacing MultiEdit with external functions provided by my utilities in a DLL.


    I use Perl and am moving to Ruby.

    I would like to see support for Ruby.

    I also use VBA, but seldom need to go to MultiEdit for that.

    I keep meaning to get back to Delphi, and I use ME in preference to the editor in Delphi.


    Complete RUBY support is provided in the ME2006 release.


    Theses days, I mainly use C++, C# and Cmac. Occasionally I edit some Visual Studio resources files, from MFC framework or C# (i.e. XML), batches, C, HTML and plain text.

    Years before, I used ME for VHDL, ABEL, assembly (for DSPs).

    Concerning languages support, for the present, I would love to get hooks for tools like Visual Studio 8 Intellisence. That kind of tool is a killer for rapid programming, and may be the sole reason to abandon using ME when such IDE are available.

    When programming with MFC, there is a hook to BSC, that I use much, but now with C#, I’ve no tools at all on ME side and a great one on Visual Studio side. I still use ME mainly for templates auto expansion (I’ve greatly expanded its power but it’s another story), and search capabilities. I switch back and forth the two editors when I need Intellisence (for that I appreciate the synchronization between both).

    To resume, ME is now a great multi-language code editor, I would like it to be the greatest multi-language programs editor.

    Bret Sutton

    I guess it’s time to put in my 2¢ worth, seeing as how this thread is over a year old and nobody’s mentioned my language.

    We’re supposed to be a dying breed, and I guess it’s true: our ‘legacy’ app (oh, how I hate that term) is being migrated to Java over the next five years. One of the hard things for me will be giving up Multi-Edit. Hope I don’t have to.

    Back in ’88 or ’90, one of our team members conducted an extensive search for the most powerful and flexible editor, and picked Multi-Edit. I tagged along, and have been using ME for over 15 years. The use of Multi-Edit has spread within our company to about 50 users. About 40 of them are COBOL programmers; the rest are support personnel who use it for data manipulation, batch job writing, and occasional code maintenance.

    I also work in CMAC, Perl, Reflection Basic, and various Unix shell dialects. But most of my ME enhancements are for COBOL, since that’s what has the largest impact on our programming environment right now.


    1 – HI-TECH PICC-18™ STD and Microchip MPLAB IDE
    2 – C# and Visual Studio 2008
    3 – XML and XSL files
    4 – SQLite

    Chris Morgan

    There are 5 of us in our department using MEW for DataFlex.


    The languages that I use MultiEdit for most are Perl and SQL, the SQL dialect depends on the project that I am on at the time. Right now it’s PL*SQL, but it’s been DB2 for the last year and a half. I also use it for data files, CSV, text, EBCDIC file hex dumps, DataStage exports, etc., and data files may well account for more of my usage than code does. Certainly the main reasons for using Multi-Edit, which are speed of working with large files and regular expressions, apply more to data than they do to code. I could do all my coding in Notepad but I would really miss ME for data files.

    I don’t have much use for Unicode at the moment, maybe two or three times a year I get a file that I can’t open in ME and have to use another editor. Line length is more of an issue than Unicode to me at the moment, I often deal with files that have lines that are tens of thousands of characters long.


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