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    I just built up a new computer running Vista Ultimate.

    MultiEdit 2006 didn’t seem to have any install problems and everything seems to work, except that the mouse wheel doesn’t scroll properly. It works fine in dialog boxes but not in the main editing window. If I keep rolling the scroll wheel I’ll get some text movement, but it’s not usable.

    Has anyone solved this or is this a problem for the MultiEdit authors?



    Having exactly the same problem. Help? Anyone?


    I have reviewed our code relating to mouse scrolling and have determined that a change needed to be made to workaround a behavior change Microsoft made to the WM_MOUSEWHEEL Notification message. The behavior change is known to appear in Vista Ultimate 64bit but might also be in other versions of Vista. The code changes should work under all supported versions of Windows.

    I am attaching a zip file with an updated MeLib.dll file with the changed code. Just replace the MeLib.dll that is currently in your Multi-Edit 10.05 main directory.

    This MeLib.dll is only for Multi-Edit 10.05, if you need this change and you aren’t using 10.05 then you will have to update to it before you can use this file.



    This updated library appears to solve a wheel problem in XP also. With the latest Logitech MX Revolution mouse, which has a free-wheeling option on the mouse wheel, I could only scroll upwards in this mode in 10.05, not downwards. The updated DLL fixes this.

    It is a pity that the new DLL has the same size and version number as the old one, but at least the date is later.

    John Martzouco

    Can a moderator rename this thread name to mention that it’s 10.05 related?

    I think that it should remain as a sticky until 10.x support runs out.

    This update is in the 11.x package?


    Oh ThankyouThankyouThankyou !!

    I just upgraded from a regular wireless mouse to the Laser Mouse 7000 and started having this problem (Vista Home Premium, SP1). The dll fixed the problem perfectly!! Very cool.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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